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Enrol with Us

Enrolling is easy and free. Enjoy cheaper fees and get access to our online patient portal to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and check test results. Here are your options.

Enrol Online

You can complete the whole process on your smart-phone or computer. We will contact you within 2-3 days to confirm enrolment. Or call us if you need a more urgent appointment.

Printed Forms

Print out these forms, fill them in, and bring it all to reception with your passport or birth certificate.

Call Us or Visit Us

One of our friendly receptionists will guide you through the process. This is the best option if you are looking for an appointment with the doctor urgently. Please bring your passport or birth certificate.

New patient fees

For your first visit with us as a new enrolled patient, there will be a slightly higher fee. This helps us to provide you with the best possible care. It allows extra time for our doctors to review your medical records and medications, for our nurses to set up reminders for your future immunisations and health screening, and for our receptionists to take care of the administrative work involved with enrolling you. For more information about our fees, click here.

What does enrolling mean?

An enrolled patient is someone who has chosen GP Central as their primary care provider. Our doctors and nurses become your main contact for your healthcare needs. As an enrolled patient, your healthcare is subsidised by the New Zealand Government, so your appointments are cheaper. You will need appropriate ID plus the relevant visa if you are not a New Zealand citizen. You can only be enrolled with one GP clinic at a time. It’s free to enrol.

Our patients are able to book appointments at both of our two locations.

For more information, read our Enrolment FAQs